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Own your own advertising medium!

With adbikes, adscreens & adjackets you get closer to the point of sale than ever before.

Adbikes are high-tech quadri-cycles, integrated with two 6-sheet poster panels that delivers your message straight to the heart of the market place.

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are a revolutionary form of street advertising which harnesses all the impact of audio-visual, and combines it with the power of face to face sales promotions.

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Adjackets is a fun, flexible and dynamic form of ambient street advertising which involves promotional staff wearing 'cool', illuminated poster jackets.

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Adbikes specializes in providing a range of innovative, high impact outdoor advertising solutions for businesses or agencies nationwide. Our eye catching ambient advertising mediums will ensure that your message achieves the highest possible opportunities to see. Adbikes ambient advertising products can be in motion in the form of adbikes or promo bikes, adjackets and adscreens…providing the ultimate in high impact outdoor advertising. These powerful, cost-effective ambient advertising solutions guarantee businesses huge brand exposure, the opportunity to interact with the target audience and get closer to the point of sale than any other traditional media.

Adbikes unique range of ambient advertising solutions includes adbikes, adjackets and adscreens. Through these alternative outdoor advertising mediums we can offer every client in 2005 the ultimate advertising proposition…to be in the right place…at the right time…with the right audience.

Adbikes can also be referred to as ad bikes, advertising bikes, promo bikes, ad cycles, bike ads and bicycle ads.

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