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Visualization Tool

Adscreens are a revolutionary form of street advertising which harnesses all the impact of audio-visual and combines it with the power of face to face sales promotions. Adscreens can generate the awareness and impact in the market place you desire.

Closer to the point of sale
Huge impact and brand exposure
Can operate day or night
Audio-visual capability
A professional and accountable service
Ability to pinpoint your target markets

Conferences and trade shows
Shopping malls
Film premieres or previews
Fashion shows and themed parties
PR stunts
Store launches
PR opportunities
Sporting events and concerts
Conferences or trade shows
Night time…pubs, clubs and restaurants

Imagine the impact of adscreens advertising your business with top models wearing 17" flat screen TV’s on their back, playing your commercials, product demonstrations or film previews. The effect of adscreens is unique and simply stunning and this impact will be carried through to your campaign results.

Adscreens is a high-tech form of ambient advertising that can be specifically targeted to penetrate the very centre of the market you are trying to reach, whilst getting closer to the point of sale than other traditional mediums.