Case Studies
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Campaign: Sainsbury’s

Task: to provide 02 x Adbikes to operate within a 500m radius of the store. Riders were tasked with parking in busy pedestrian areas, patrolling the High Road and Walms Lane areas and parking at prominent road junctions and outside the tube station.

Specifics: Ensure the Adbikes operated from approximately 9am – 5pm

Report: The Adbikes operated as tasked and reported to the stores Duty Manager each day. 

Campaign: BT 'Internet kiosk'

Objective: To support the national launch of the new Internet kiosks, generate awareness in specific locations around the kiosks and interact with the public, advising of services available and individual locations.

Strategy: Ad-bikes were selected to target twelve different cities across the UK with 20 bikes being used over a 2-week period.

Results: Huge response from the general public in the locations driving traffic to the Internet Kiosks. 95% of locations and streets were serviced from the client's original brief.

Campaign: Perrier 'Comedy Awards'

Objective To announce and support the annual Comedy Award winners sponsored by Perrier, generate brand awareness and reach out to old and new Perrier consumers, promoting the Perrier brand by using product sampling of cold mini-cans.

Strategy Ad-bikes were selected to operate over 10 days (including one weekend) across Edinburgh. Wearing Perrier corporate clothing the riders played radio commercials from the bikes and targeted box office queues, street theatres and other areas specified by the client for product sampling.

Results Scottish TV covered the Awards ceremony with the ad-bikes in action. Ad-bikes also guaranteed client exposure when they were used as the backdrop to interviews with Jack Dee and Mark Lamar. Over 22,000 samples were given out in 10 days.

Campaign: Kiss of the Dragon film launch

Objective To support the launch of a new film, create excitement and interest and to generate footfall to the cinemas.

Strategy Client chose ad-people to target football grounds around the country aiming at the youth market. Ad-people were deployed over three weekends in ten different locations.

Results Ad-people distributed over 200,000 leaflets promoting the film, exhausting client's stock in a very short period of time, and produced higher than anticipated box office receipts.

Campaign: Nestle 'Toffee Crisp'

Objective To support the TV launch of Toffee Crisp 'light' with various activities across the UK, targeting customers who had not tried Toffee Crisp before and promoting the new formula with a special competition to win a trip to New York.

Strategy A team of ad-bikes and ad-people were selected to operate in the south of England focusing on major cities / towns using high street or pedestrianised areas. 20 weekdays targeting train stations early morning and high street retail during the day. Riders interacted with the audience using product samples.

Results More than 200,000 samples were given out and post campaign interviews showed people's recall of the product was excellent. The client confirmed responses were 30% higher than would normally be expected.

Campaign: NTL 'We're smiles better'

Objective Target as many students as possible with the proposition of a competitive communications package which included cheaper telephone calls, access to the internet and selected TV channels. Generate awareness of NTL, explain the offer to students and generate maximum leads for NTL.

Strategy A combination of ad-bikes and ad-people were selected and deployed to cover 30 different university locations over a 4-week period, distributing NTL promotional material.

Results A superb response following distribution of more than 200,000 leaflets in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. NTL switchboards were jammed with the volume of students trying to take up the offer.