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Success Story

Initially this email was only intended to confirm that the Sainsbury's job went smoothly (which it did and you now have a warm and happy client - see Campaign Report below). However whilst bumping up the motorway last night, struggling to find something even vaguely interesting on the radio, I began to 'review' my business. At the end of my review I was buzzing and so unfortunately you now have to endure the rest of this email, or of course you could delete it but then I'll sulk!

As you know my original intentions were to get a couple of bikes working and earn myself a good wage. I now find myself in a world of good problems, you see my business plan meant that I had to turn over approx £80k in Year 1 but (including advance orders) I have already bust that figure after my first quarter! The inherent problems are thus:

a) my fleet has doubled to 4 bikes, with another 2 to be ordered possibly as early as next month (don't get too excited.....yet)
b) b) I have 6 national brands as repeat clients
c) c) I have 3 fulltime staff and a pool of 14 part-timers and,
d) d) I have just landed an exclusive deal with 4 worldwide online betting companies (expected annual spend $350k!)
e) Whilst this obviously isn't a formal business review it does give you a good indication of how pleased I am with the Adbikes brand and products, I have also put in a hell of a lot of sweat but essentailly the Adbikes concept is definitely well worth getting involved in. My only negative problem is also quite definitely rooted with the Adbikes brand, as I mentioned I'm earning some serious money now so I've ordered a new Audi A6 but they can't deliver it until September!

Have a good week, I know I'm going to!