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Not A Franchise

Own your advertising medium and we will customize the vehicle with your logo and color of preference. No other fees or obligations will be imposed. Click here for more details.

  • No License/Franchise fee
  • Very low start up costs
  • A proven medium in the UK, Europe, Canada and U.S.

Turnkey Package

Because we are managing successfully our Adbikes media products and we have perfected a successful formula for selling the advertising, we are proud to offer a turnkey package optional for our clients who wish to learn all about how to successfully operate the business and reach profitability within the first month of operation. To view details on the price of the turnkey package and what is included click here

Protected Territories

A key component of the AdbikesUS Network plan is your protected territory. According to the US Census, there are 276 Metropolitan Statistical Areas, or "MSAs" in America. Each MSA represents a city and its surrounding suburbs. As an Adbikes Network affiliate, you'll receive exclusive rights for the entire metro area as your protected territory. You will never be forced into price competition with another Adbikes Network affiliate.

Our Win-Win proposition

Adbikes Network will receive a 15% fee for each ad (based on your local rates) that we place on your previously unsold inventory. These ads will typically be part of a larger multi-city purchase by a national or regional advertiser. You get 70% of the total billing in your territory for these network ads, and whoever sold the ad (typically another Adbikes Network affiliate) gets the remaining 15%.



Referral Network

Those who join the Adbikes Network become part of a family where all members work together for the good of the whole. Being an Adbikes Network Affiliate you have the opportunity to get referrals from other Affiliates around the country. Network members are part of a large national team, giving your local operation much more credibility. As the system grows, advertising agencies that represent clients in multiple markets will naturally place ads in multiple locations where we have Adbikes Network Affiliates.

Another great example of working together is information sharing between network members. You have access to a private area on our website where you can view or download marketing strategies that have proven to work for other network members.

On Going Support

As an Adbikes Network Affiliate, you will receive continuous, ongoing support in sales, marketing, professional presentations, and running your business plus the opportunity to learn about the successful techniques used by the other network members.

Continuous Research and Development

Adbikes Media is continuously engaged in research and development to improve the operation of the media products, its visibility, and our marketing strategies.