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Does Adbikes Media sell franchises?

The Federal Trade Commission has specific criteria that are used to determine if a business relationship is a franchise. If you buy an advertising medium from anyone you must be aware of the true nature of your business relationship. Failure to do so can lead to serious trouble.

From the Federal Trade Commissions web site:

B. "Traditional Franchises": There are three definitional prerequisites to coverage of a business-format or product franchise (Parts 436.2(a)(1)(i) and (2)):

1. Trademark: The franchisor offers the right to distribute goods or services that bear the franchisor's trademark, service mark, trade name, advertising or other commercial symbol.

2. Significant Control or Assistance: The franchisor exercises significant control over, or offers significant assistance in, the franchisee's method of operation.

3. Required Payment: The franchisee is required to make any payment to the franchisor or an affiliate, or a commitment to make a payment, as a condition of obtaining the franchise or commencing operations. (NOTE: There is an exemption from coverage for required payments of less than $500 within six months of the commencement of the franchise (Part 436.2(a)(3)(iii)).

You can read more at:

Because Adbikes Meida does not allow our customers to use our trademarks or require you to make payments of commissions or royalties we can never be designated as having sold a franchise. It is as simple as that.

Why have we chosen a different route instead of selling franchises?

Although we possess all of the ingredients necessary to successfully franchise our concept, we have chosen a different route. Our goal is to enable others to start their own business using our proven system without imposing our methods, trademark, and pricing. Franchising has been for many owners of new concepts a fantastic way to expand; however, we do not believe in imposing anything onto entrepreneurs who share similar traits appropriate to a leader who usually will never compromise his/her individuality. Franchising is a legal way to ensure that the owner of the concept remains king of his castle while imposing onto his nobles, fees and royalties during their entire duration of their agreement. We feel it is unjust and ultimately leads one to feel injustice, victim of inequality.

Does Adbikes Hold Patents for its Media Products?

Adbikes Media products are patented.

How fast can I get my Media Products delivered?

Subject to availability orders can be delivered in as little as 2 weeks if in stock. We ask our clients 4-6 weeks for delivery.