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"If you are looking for a low capital cost Business with fast pay-back potential then Adbikes could be the business for you."

We are now looking for Licensees Worldwide for our unique and innovative products.

  • No License/Franchise fee
  • Very low start up costs
  • A proven medium in the UK, Europe, Canada and U.S.
  • Ready Made Business

Adbikes Media was formed in 1997 out of a belief that more and more Companies and Business’ need to interact with their target audience at the point of Sale and reinforce their brand message.

To do this, a unique new mobile poster medium was created called the “Adbike”. The unique concept was wholly conceived by Adbikes Media Ltd and implemented in the UK as a totally new, and eye-catching medium. Over the last four years, The Company has proved to be extremely successful working for a wide variety of major brands and retailers.

As part of a plan for International expansion, Adbikes Media is now licensing this proven business throughout the UK, Europe, U.S. and other targeted Countries. Adbikes Media has also added other “Media Products” to its services called “Adpeople” and "Adscreens" which can either be used in Conjunction with "Adbikes" or on their own.

More and more Companies are seeing how Adbikes, Adpeople and Adscreens can be a very powerful tool for pro- active marketing.

The following gives a more detailed explanation of the products

Adbikes are ideal for specific targeting in City Centres. They comprise back-lit, 6-sheet poster units on high tech electrically assisted quadri-cycle chassis. They have integrated high performance sound systems, for playing radio, CD's. They also have interior cool boxes and shelving.

Riders can be, dressed as the Client wishes, and enable the distribution of product or promotional leaflets. Wheels of the bike can also be liveried with logos to create a total display.

Adpeople is a very flexible advertising and promotions medium involving people wearing unique back-lit poster jackets. Sourced as roller-bladers or simply on foot, they can be used to create a stir, leaflet the client’s target audience or to distribute product samples.

Adscreens are 17” full video screens with sound worn on people’s backs! Enabling Clients to play TV commercials or video footage. They are great for Events, Conferences, Exhibitions or outdoors on the streets for product promotion and advertising of all kinds.