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Standing out from the crowd
High street retail environments
Busy pedestrainised precincts
New store and product launches
Recruitment drives
Reaching hiliday-makers
Film premiers and PR opportunities
Sporting events and concerts
Conferences or trade shows
In-store displays
Closer to the point of sale
Huge impact and brand exposure
Local, regional or national campaigns
Superb for distribution or sampling
Can operate day or night
Low cost per thousand impressions
Enthusiastic and professional riders
On board refridgeration if required
A professional and accountable service
Ability to pinpoint your target markets
Adbikes come complete with a high performance sound system (licensed by PRS and PPL) to allow your corporate message, soundtrack or radio commercial to be played in public. Audio adds an attractive quality to ambient advertising during events such as product sampling or store launches. The unique back-lit system enables our illuminated mobile poster bikes to operate all year round, day or night and offer incredible presence on the street. Adbikes serve as a superb alternative solution within the ambient advertising sector.

Adbikes riders are recruited for their enthusiasm and abilities to interact with your target audience (if required) and can be dressed in your corporate clothing. There is also on board storage and refrigeration to enable the promotional bikes to distribute leaflets or be used for product sampling.